Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cataract?

When the normally clear lens within the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, it is called a cataract.  Cataracts can vary from small areas of cloudiness to large opaque areas that cause a notable loss of vision and most often develop in people over 55.

How often should I have my eyes checked?

We recommend that everyone have a full eye exam once per year: Check yearly. See Clearly.

What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists are Doctors of Optometry (O.D.) and also called Optometric Physicians.  They are primary medical professionals with specialized training in optics, fitting and dispensing of eyeglass and contact lenses.  They are fully trained in the diagnosis of eye and other health related conditions, and with additional training and licensing may monitor and treat many eye conditions including glaucoma, pink eye, and superficial eye injuries.

What is an Optician?

An optician is a health professional trained to manufacture, fit, dispense and repair eyewear (including eyeglass lenses and contact lenses) based on a doctor’s prescription.

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We participate in the Lion’s Club Recycle for Sight program.  Bring your unneeded glasses to us and we will recondition them prior to donation.  Visit www.lionsclubs.org for more information about this and other international service programs.

check yearly see clearly with the Palouse Ocularium

Check Yearly. See Clearly. is a nationwide public awareness campaign to educate Americans about the importance of regular vision care.

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